Best Buildings Calendar Photo's
Buildings have scaffolding, close proximity, and dark
sides to ruin the photo.  Sometimes everything comes
together to make a Calendar photo out of a building photo.
Marina Bay Sands Casino in
Rijks Museum in Amsterdam
Denver DIA airport
Buckingham Palace in London
Tasiilaq, Greenland
Parliament. Big Ben, Westminster
Abbey and London Bridge.
Town Square, Vilnius Lithuania
St Anne's church in Vilnius
Parliament, Budapest Hungary
Peoples Palace, Bucharist,
Convention Center, Las Vegas,
Atlantis, Bahamas
Hoover Dam, Nevada
Eiffel Tower
Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona
St Peter's church, Vatican
Denver Union Railroad Station
Sanctuary of Truth, Thailand
Hong Kong from the Sky 100
Singapore skyline from the
Singapore Flyer.
The most luxurious palace in the
world, Versailles in France
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Abu Dhabi
From the TV series "Downton
Abbey", St. Mary's Catholic
Church in Bampton, England